QMS Roadway Technician

NDOT Course NumberMAT535-T
Stanly Community College Course NumberCurrently Unavailable
Course Content12 hours – Online
ExaminationOnsite at approved centers
CertificationYes (5 years)
Prerequisites“Introduction to Asphalt Pavements” and Roadway O-J-T completion (Verification of completion of prerequisites must be presented at time of registration.)

Course DescriptionAn in-depth course for the purpose of training asphalt roadway technicians in inspection techniques related to hauling, laydown, and compaction of asphalt pavements. Also includes in-depth training on NCDOT specifications, density requirements, and acceptable laydown criteria of asphalt materials under the NCDOT HMA/QMS Program.

(Registration Information)

Karen Kiker (kkiker7483@stanly.edu or
704-991-0233) Please call or email to register. 

2022 Course Schedule

  • March 07 - April 04: QMS Roadway Technician course offering
  • June 01 - June 29: QMS Roadway Technician course offering
  • September 12 - October 10: QMS Roadway Technician course offering
  • October 31 - November 28: QMS Roadway Technician course offering


SCC requires a minimum of 8 registered students to run a scheduled QMS Roadway Technician class. Please contact Karen Kiker if you would like to be placed on the interest list for the next online QMS Roadway Technician course.


Registration costs are subject to change based on community college funding regulations and requirements.