Real Estate Broker Post-Licensing


All newly licensed brokers will be classified as a "provisional broker". The "provisional broker" must, within 18 months of initial licensure, complete an additional ( 3 thirty hour classes) total of 90 hours, in order to retain his or her broker license (and terminate the "provisional" license status). At least one of the post licensing courses must be completed by the ANNIVERSARY DATE of when you received your PROVISIONAL license. Courses ( 301,302 and 303) can be taken in any order.

Until the new licensee has "completed the 90-hour post-licensing education program", these "provisional brokers" would have to be supervised by a broker-in-charge whenever they engage in real estate brokerage. If a "provisional broker" does not complete the 90-hour post licensing education program within 18 months his or her broker license will be cancelled/ SCC offers all three of the post licensing courses during the year. Call Betty O'Neal 704-991-0142 with any questions. We offer day and evening classes.