Photography Practicum

Course Description: This advanced class will include location shoots and seated classes. The location shoots will include a portrait lighting demonstration and how to cover sporting events. Students will upload their images from the location shoots to create their own blog.

Pre-requisite: Introduction to Digital and Advanced Photography Class or similar experience.

Requirements: Digital SLR camera

Class meetings: There will be 4 seated classes as well as 4 location shoots for a total of 24 class hours.

Course Outline:

  • Work with lighting equipment
  • Set up a portrait
  • Manage a photo shoot
  • Create a blog to display photographs
  • Be introduced to shooting sports
  • Participate in peer critique

Course Text: No textbook required

Grading: Students will receive a “S” Satisfactory if they attend 80% of the total course hours and meet course requirements as established by instructor or a “U” Unsatisfactory if are absent in excess of 20% of total course hours or fail to meet course requirements as established by instructor.

Disability Statement: If you have a disability that may affect your academic performance and are seeking accommodations, it is your responsibility to inform the ADA services office. The office is located in room 120 of the Patterson Building. You may call Megan Brehun, 704-991-0161, if you have any questions concerning disability services. It is important to request accommodations early enough to give the ADA services office adequate time to consider your request and recommend reasonable accommodations. Instructors will provide necessary accommodations based on the recommendations of the ADA services office.