GPA Calculator

The GPA Calculator may be used to determine how your GPA may be affected by future grades, to calculate your program GPA, or to help determine your eligibility for readmission into a program.

To use the Calculator,

  • Access your transcripts through WebAdvisor or Self-Service.
  • Plug in the Credit Hours assigned to each class in the first column.
  • Use the drop down option to select the Grade you made in each class.
  • The Grade Points column will calculate for you.
  • After plugging this information in, you’ll see that your Projected GPA is determined by the total number of Grade Points you’ve received divided by the number of Credit Hours you’ve completed.

For more detailed instructions, please watch the interactive tutorial below.

Please be mindful that this calculator should be used to estimate your GPA. Grades are not final until they are computed and posted by your instructors.