PLP Pre-Apprenticeship Program

The Preformed Line Product’s (PLP) Pre-Apprenticeship program, which is a perfect model, operates as follows:

  • Interested students complete a pre-application form with the Associate Vice President of Advanced Manufacturing & Industrial Technology.
  • Participants are interviewed and chosen by PLP from a pool of applicable SCC students.
  • They will work at PLP for nine months while attending classes at SCC.
  • The pre-apprentices work 20 hours a week and are paid by PLP.
  • As pre-apprentices, they will work in three different processes including forming, extruding and casting. The students will alternate between the three departments to get exposure to PLP’s manufacturing process.
  • At the end of the nine month period, PLP will evaluate the students’ performance and based on the results of the evaluation, PLP may decide to offer full-time employment.