Spring 2022 Financial Aid Refund Schedule

SCC students will receive their financial aid award based on their registration schedule – see below.

Do you have any classes that begin in January? Refer to this chart

 Enrollment Status

Book Charge Dates

Scheduled Refund Date

Total eligible credit hours enrolled as of January 25th

January 3rd through January 31st

Friday, February 9th

  • Financial award is based on class schedule as of 1/25/22 regardless of class start date and there will be no additional refunds in the Spring 2022 semester.
  • Students must attend all scheduled classes, if not the student must return any unearned financial aid or restore enrollment status at their own expense.

If you do NOT have any classes that begin in January
(only February/March start dates) Refer to this chart

  Enrollment Status

Book Charge Dates

Scheduled Refund Date

Total eligible credit hours beginning on or within 7 days of February 8th

February 3rd through March 1st

Wednesday, March 9th

Total eligible credit hours that begin on or within 7 days of March 8th

March 3rd through April 3rd

Friday, April 8th

  • Financial aid award will be processed based on the start date of each class and will not include classes with a later start date.

Scheduled refund dates are subject to adjustment if technical problems or system issues occur.


How will I receive my financial aid refund?
Refunds are processed via a paper check and will be mailed on the scheduled refund date.  Students are encouraged to check their Self-Service account to make sure that the address on record is correct.  If the address is not correct, students may contact the Business Office via email indicating their student ID # and mailing address for the purpose of mailing a refund check - please note that the request must come from the students SCC e-mail account for security purposes.