Lifetime Eligibility

Pell Lifetime Eligibility Used

The amount of Federal Pell Grant funds a student may receive over a lifetime is limited by federal law to be the equivalent of (6) six years of Pell Grant funding. Since the maximum amount of Pell Grant available in one award year is 100%, the six year equivalent is 600%.

To determine how much of the maximum six years (600%) of Pell Grant a student has used each year, the U.S. Department of Education compares the actual amount the student received for the award year. If a student receives the full amount of their scheduled award (both Fall and Spring) they will have used 100%. It is possible for a student not to receive the full amount of their scheduled award as a result of not being enrolled for the full year or not enrolled full-time, or both.


Examples of Pell Lifetime Eligibility UsedStudent AStudent BStudent C
Award Year 1Pell Grant Scheduled Award$5,550$5,000$4,000
Pell Grant Amount Received$2,775$3,750$4,000
Percent Used50%75%100%
Award Year 2Pell Grant Scheduled Award$5,200$5,000$5,550
Pell Grant Amount Received$5,200$5,000$5,550
Percent Used100%100%100%
Award Year 3Pell Grant Scheduled Award$4,700$5,000$5,550
Pell Grant Amount Received$4,700$1,250$5,550
Percent Used100%25%100%
Award Year 4Pell Grant Scheduled Award$4,700$5,000$5,550
Pell Grant Amount Received$4,700$5,000$5,550
Percent Used100%100%100%
Total Lifetime Eligibility Used–LEU



NOTE: Students with a Lifetime Eligibility Used of 600% or more are no longer eligible for Pell Grant funding. Similarly, if your LEU is greater than 500% but less than 600%, you will be eligible for Pell Grant funding but at a reduced award amount depending on how much eligibility is left before reaching 600%.

Viewing Lifetime Eligibility Used percentage.

Students can log on to the NSLDS or National Student Loan Data System at and use their Federal Student Aid Username and Password (same as the one used to complete the FAFSA) to view their LEU on the Financial Aid Review page.