Emergency Fund Program

Emergency Fund Program

Stanly Community College Foundation, via donations from faculty, staff, and the community, makes available limited funds to assist regularly enrolled students with nonacademic financial emergencies.


- The applicant must be a currently enrolled curriculum student (at least half-time) at SCC and attending classes in the semester of the request.  Requests from occupational education students will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

- The student’s request for assistance needs to be directly related to what is necessary and appropriate for the student to be successful in completing their academic studies during current enrollment.

- The student should be the actual person responsible for paying the requested bill (not a student requesting the emergency fund to pay for another person or for another family member). Multiple requests from the same household will not be considered.

- Students must complete the SCC Foundation Emergency Fund Request form and provide/attach the past due bill. Students should allow at least five business days for processing after submitting the form. The bill must be currently dated and past due or within a week of becoming past due.

- Request for assistance will need to come from the following categories: utility bills (power, heating & water), rent, internet, and insurance.  Note: Amounts from the student emergency fund will be paid directly to the creditor (ex. Duke Energy, City of Albemarle, etc.), not the student or student’s family/friends. Exceptions to this note will only be considered if the student can provide historical documentation.

- If there is a variance between available emergency funds and the total amount due on the bill, student must provide confirmation that the difference will be covered to ensure that the account will be in good standing.


Amount of Award: Amount of assistance will not exceed $300.00 per calendar year.


Please contact Mrs. Terri Dunlap at 704-991-0157 or via email at tdunlap7925@stanly.edu for processing of Emergency Fund requests.