Emergency Loan Program

Emergency Loan Program

The Stanly Community College Emergency Loan is available to current students who may need assistance in bridging the cost of tuition, fees, or books. The SCC Emergency Loan is a interest-free short-term loan that must be repaid within 60 days from the date of origination

Students must complete the SCC loan application and promissory note which is available in the SCC Financial Aid Office.


  • Loan is used for tuition and/or book purposes - no cash out
  • Average loan amount is $200 to $500*
  • Average loan due date is 60 days from date loan is issued**
  • Preference is given to students in good standing as related to academic progression***

*Amount can be increased to cover the cost of books if student has complete the FA process and is awaiting a response from the Department of Education to be awarded and meets all Pell Eligibility criteria.

**Loan due date can be adjusted to match the first Pell disbursement date if the loan is issued to aid students awaiting the FA process.

***New students are eligible but cannot exceed maximum loan amount of $500.

Students' failure to repay the loan funds by the designated date will render the student ineligible to re-enroll in future terms until the debt is paid in full. When appropriate, the loan will be assigned to the Attorney General's Office for collection.

Please contact the SCC Financial Aid Office for processing of Emergency Loan requests.