Job Posting

Instructor, Chemistry

GENERAL JOB DESCRIPTION:  Instructor, Chemistry provides quality learning experiences, facilitates and evaluates the learning process, mentors students, participates in job-related professional development opportunities, and contributes to the development of curriculum courses/programs.



·         Master’s Degree in Chemistry or Master’s degree with a concentration of graduate hours in Chemistry


·         Minimum 18 graduate hours in Chemistry



Classroom Instruction

·         Teach all assigned courses, a range of 18 – 22 contact hours per semester, for the full duration of scheduled instruction.

·         Ensure that each class session contains essential curricular components, incorporates appropriate content and pedagogy, and is relevant to current events/trends.

·         As needed, teach classes online, on-campus, and/or at off-campus sites.

·         Teach an academic success class as needed.

·         Evaluate student progress and provide appropriate, timely feedback.

·         Maintain regular, appropriate, professional communication with students.

·         Incorporate appropriate instructional technology to enhance student learning.

·         Ensure cleanliness of instructional areas and laboratories.

·         Ensure the proper operation of classroom/lab equipment, reporting any malfunctions to the appropriate person(s).

·         Participate in the evaluation and acquisition of instructional materials, audiovisual aids, support and equipment needs.

·         Develop and distribute course syllabi according to the established template and guidelines, providing appropriate information to students concerning course expectations, evaluation criteria, and access to student support services. 

Other Services to Students

·         Maintain appropriate accessibility for students, including a minimum of five office hours a week.

·         Serve as an educational mentor to assigned students by providing academic and employment planning.

·         Maintain regular, appropriate, professional communication with students.

·         Participate in semester advising and registration activities as needed.

·         Verify graduation degree audits as assigned.

·         Assist in the recruitment and retention efforts of the College.

·         Advocate and provide motivation for students.

·         Communicate student needs to Program Head or Department Head.

Divisional Administrative Expectations

·         Prepare and submit instructional records, reports, grades, and all other required paperwork in a timely, efficient manner meeting all deadlines, checking for accuracy, correctness, and completeness of all data.

·         Remain current in discipline and instructional methods through professional development activities offered by the College and other opportunities including attendance at off-campus activities, webinars, etc., as approved.

·         Participate in annual planning, program and curriculum review. 

·         Serve on and actively contribute to college committees as assigned.

·         Participate in campus activities.

·         Participate in discipline, departmental, divisional, and institutional meetings and other announced co-curricular activities of the College. 

·         Maintain regular, professional communication within the college and affiliated industry contacts.

·         Maintain posted office and on-campus hours sufficient to fulfill all contracted duties and individual professional obligations and meet the needs of the discipline, department, division, and College.

·         Support all functions of the College, including compliance with all facets of the College's policies. 

Other Duties Specific to this Position (optional)

·         Provide and/or facilitate quality experiences in laboratory and/or clinical settings to meet program needs.


Minimum starting salary is $41,553.00.  Salary offered will be based on credentials and experience.