Psychiatric Technician Certificate

The goal of this certificate program is to prepare students to provide safe, therapeutic patient care to individuals who have mental and behavioral health needs in an effective and ethical manner.  This program encompasses 3 classes that collectively will prepare students for level 1 AAPT certification and qualify students to apply for AAPT level II certification after 1 year of relevant work experience. Upon completion of each class students will also attain or be eligible to attain individual credentials that are state and/or nationally recognized. 

1. Nurse Aide – Level I (NC Nurse Aide 1 Certification)

2. Psychiatric Technician (AAPT Certification,  QPR & CPI Certification)

3. Medication Aide - Long Term Care (NC Medication Aide)


Students have flexibility in the order classes are taken, the only requirement is that students complete Nurse Aide – Level I prior to the other classes.  Students must have a US high school diploma or GED before starting the Psychiatric Technician Certificate Program. AAPT also require US high school diploma or GED to qualify for certification.


For registration assistance, please contact the Eagle's OneStop at 704-991-0123.