Chili Mama D's Gourmet Salsa, LCC

Chili Mama D's Gourmet Salsa, LCC

Chili Mama D’s believes that flavor is the most important aspect of any salsa. That is why all of the salsa is fresh with no processing. Mama D chops and stirs – that is it! Whether it is traditional tomato salsa with a Mama D twist or a unique gourmet salsa such as apple, cranberry, corn or cactus, you always get the best salsa made with the freshest local ingredients from Chili Mama D’s!

Chili Mama D originally hails from New Mexico/Texas where Tex-Mex food is a staple. She transplanted to the Carolinas via the Pacific Northwest and you will find her influence in the gourmet salsa varieties. Mama D practically cut her teeth on chili peppers, and her expert knowledge of heat intensity, flavor and aroma is evident in all of her gourmet salsa. Regarding the first time her family visited Albemarle she said, “We knew we had found the place we wanted to call home and a community that would be welcoming and supportive of our business vision. At Chili Mama D’s we have been overwhelmed with the positive response we’ve received from the community.”

When asked how the Small Business Center had been influential in her business’ success, Chili Mama D said, “The Small Business Center has been helpful from the beginning in helping us review our business plan and implement all the steps throughout the opening, and continues to help us through the growth of our business with the various seminars and continuing education opportunities. Any time we’ve reached a new milestone where we’ve needed guidance, we’ve been able to reach out to the Small Business Center for assistance.”

Chili Mama D’s produces all the prepackaged salsa products in house. You can purchase the salsa on site, or find it at local farmers’ markets in the area.

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