At Stanly Community College, “community” is literally our middle name!

Dr. John Enamait Stanly Community College has been serving the educational needs of our community for over 46 years. We are proud of our institution and equally proud of the community we serve. I frequently tell people that “community” is our middle name. We want to be good stewards of our community by providing an open and welcoming atmosphere on our campus. This is one of the reasons we decided to host several free events on our Albemarle campus. These included:

  • Solar Eclipse Event in August
  • Halloween on the Hill in October
  • Holiday on the Hill in November

These were wonderful events; providing a safe environment, snacks, and comradery with our students, faculty, staff and other attendees. Hopefully, you had a chance to visit our campus. If not, don’t worry, as this is not the last of these events. Stay tuned to for future events like Halloween on the Hill and Holiday on the Hill.

I was extremely proud of our students, faculty, and staff who volunteered their time and resources to show off our campus and provide a warm welcome to all attendees. If it weren’t for their hard work and perseverance, these events would not have happened.

In all honesty, I do have an ulterior motive in providing these events. First, we want to take the mystery out of our campus. It’s been proven that when people feel comfortable with a place or business, they return. If someone feels comfortable on our campus, they just might return to take a class. Secondly, this was a way to invest in the children of Stanly County. If a child was at SCC trick-or-treating or visiting Santa, they will have had a positive impression of SCC and may remember that when making a decision about their educational future.

Finally, I would like to personally invite anyone who is interested in visiting our campus to contact us for a free tour. Please contact Misty Hughes, Director of Outreach, at 704-991-0359 to schedule your tour.

Dr. John Enamait
Stanly Community College