Curriculum Courses

The list below shows college credit courses that are now open for registration.

New Students:
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Current Students:
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Upcoming Courses
CoursesStart DateDay(s)Status
ACA-122-951 - College Transfer SuccessJune 11th, 2018OnlineOpen
AUB-131-900 - Structural Damage IMay 29th, 2018MOpen
CIS-110-952 - Introduction to ComputersJune 11th, 2018OnlineOpen
COM-231-950 - Public SpeakingJune 4th, 2018OnlineOpen
COS-116-010 - Salon IIIJune 7th, 2018M T W THOpen
COS-118-010 - Salon IVMay 31st, 2018M T W THOpen
DMS-001A-950 - Developmental Math Shell 1June 21st, 2018OnlineOpen
ENG-111-951 - Writing and InquiryJune 11th, 2018OnlineOpen
ENG-111-953 - Writing and InquiryJune 11th, 2018OnlineOpen
ENG-112-900 - Writing and Research in the DisciplinesJune 12th, 2018T THFroz
HIS-236-950 - North Carolina HistoryJune 11th, 2018OnlineOpen
HUM-180-900 - International Cultural ExplorationJuly 16th, 2018OnlineFroz
HUM-180-900 - International Cultural ExplorationJuly 11th, 2018OnlineOpen
MLT-220-800 - Hematology/Hemostasis IIJune 21st, 2018T THOpen
PSY-150-951 - General PsychologyJune 11th, 2018OnlineWaitlisted
PSY-150-952 - General PsychologyJune 11th, 2018OnlineOpen
PSY-281-950 - Abnormal PsychologyJune 11th, 2018OnlineOpen
RAD-131-800 - Radiographic Physics IMay 29th, 2018TOpen
RCP-154-810 - RCP Clinical Practice IIIMay 29th, 2018M TOpen
SOC-210-952 - Introduction to SociologyJune 11th, 2018OnlineOpen
WLD-132-900 - GTAW (TIG) Plate/PipeMay 29th, 2018M TOpen