Curriculum Courses

The list below shows college credit courses that are now open for registration.

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Upcoming Courses
CoursesStart DateDay(s)Status
ACA-111-950I - College Student SuccessSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
ACA-111-951A - College Student SuccessOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
ACA-111-951B - College Student SuccessOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
ACA-111-951C - College Student SuccessOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
ACA-111-952T - College Student SuccessOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
ACA-121-900 - Managing a TeamAugust 20th, 2018MOpen
ACA-122-902 - College Transfer SuccessOctober 15th, 2018M WOpen
ACA-122-951E - College Transfer SuccessOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
ACA-122-952 - College Transfer SuccessSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
ACA-122-952E - College Transfer SuccessSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
ACA-122-953 - College Transfer SuccessOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
ACA-122-959 - College Transfer SuccessDecember 10th, 2018OnlineOpen
ACC-121-950 - Principles of Managerial AccountingSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
ACC-131-950 - Federal Income TaxesSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
ACC-140-950 - Payroll AccountingSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
ACC-220-950 - Intermediate Accounting ISeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
AGR-110-950 - Agricultural EconomicsSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
AGR-112-950 - Agri Records & AccountingSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
AGR-139-900 - Introduction to Sustainable AgricultureSeptember 13th, 2018T THOpen
AGR-139-950 - Introduction to Sustainable AgricultureSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
AGR-140-950 - Agricultural ChemicalsSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
AGR-214-900 - Agricultural MarketingSeptember 13th, 2018T THOpen
AGR-214-950 - Agricultural MarketingSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
AHR-110-900 - Introduction to RefrigerationSeptember 4th, 2018M T W THOpen
AHR-111-900 - HVACR ElectricitySeptember 4th, 2018T THOpen
AHR-112-900 - Heating TechnologySeptember 5th, 2018M WOpen
AHR-130-990 - HVAC ControlsAugust 27th, 2018MOpen
ANS-110-900 - Animal ScienceSeptember 17th, 2018M WOpen
ART-111-950 - Art AppreciationSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineWaitlisted
ART-111-953 - Art AppreciationSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
ART-115-951 - Art History Survey IISeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
AUB-136-900 - Plastics & AdhesivesAugust 20th, 2018MOpen
BUS-110-951 - Introduction to BusinessSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineWaitlisted
BUS-110-952 - Introduction to BusinessSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
BUS-137-951 - Principles of ManagementOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
BUS-137-952 - Principles of ManagementSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
BUS-151-950 - People SkillsOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
BUS-240-900 - Business EthicsOctober 16th, 2018T THFroz
BUS-240-950 - Business EthicsOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
CIS-110-959 - Introduction to ComputersSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
CIS-110-961 - Introduction to ComputersOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
CIS-110-970 - Introduction to ComputersDecember 10th, 2018OnlineOpen
CJC-111-951 - Introduction to Criminal JusticeOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
CJC-121-950 - Law Enforcement OperationsOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
CJC-141-950 - CorrectionsOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
CJC-215-950 - Organization & AdministrationOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
CJC-221-950 - Investigative PrinciplesOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
CJC-222-950 - CriminalisticsOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
CJC-231-950 - Constitutional LawOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
COS-111AB-550 - Cosmetology Concepts I-AbAugust 28th, 2018T WOpen
COS-112-010 - Salon IAugust 29th, 2018T W TH FOpen
COS-112AB-550 - Salon I - ABAugust 30th, 2018TH FOpen
COS-113-550 - Cosmetology Concepts IIAugust 28th, 2018T WOpen
COS-114-010 - Salon IIAugust 29th, 2018T W TH FOpen
COS-114-550 - Salon IIAugust 30th, 2018TH FOpen
COS-118-010 - Salon IVAugust 22nd, 2018T W TH FOpen
COS-223-010 - Contemp Hair ColoringNovember 29th, 2018T W TH FOpen
COS-223-011 - Contemp Hair ColoringNovember 7th, 2018T W TH FOpen
COS-240-010 - Contemporary DesignNovember 29th, 2018T W TH FOpen
COS-271-010 - Instructor Concepts ISeptember 5th, 2018T W TH FOpen
COS-272-010 - Instructor Practicum ISeptember 21st, 2018T W TH FOpen
CTS-120-950 - Hardware/Software SupportSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
CTS-125-950 - Presentation GraphicsSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
DDT-120-950 - Teaching Developmental DisabledOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
DDT-210-950 - DDT Health IssuesOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
DDT-240-950 - Aging Lifelong DisabilityOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
DES-125-900 - Visual Presentation ISeptember 14th, 2018FOpen
DES-135-900 - Principles and Elements of Design ISeptember 17th, 2018M WOpen
DMS-001-959 - Developmental Math Shell 1December 10th, 2018OnlineOpen
DMS-001A-950 - Developmental Math Shell 1September 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
DMS-001B-950 - Developmental Math Shell 1October 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
DMS-001D-950 - Developmental Math Shell 1November 12th, 2018OnlineOpen
DMS-002B-900 - Developmental Math Shell 2October 15th, 2018T THOpen
DMS-002B-950 - Developmental Math Shell 2October 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
DRE-098-952 - Integrated Reading and Writing IIIOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
EDU-119-956 - Introduction to Early Childhood EducationOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
EDU-119-957 - Introduction to Early Childhood EducationOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
EDU-119-959 - Introduction to Early Childhood EducationSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
EDU-131-956 - Child, Family, and CommunityOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
EDU-144-956 - Child Development IOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
EDU-146-956 - Child GuidanceOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
EDU-151-956 - Creative ActivitiesOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
EDU-153-956 - Health, Safety and NutritionOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
EDU-157-956 - Active PlayOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
EDU-234-956 - Infants, Toddlers, and TwosOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
EDU-251-956 - Exploration ActivitiesOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
EDU-261-956 - Early Childhood Administration IOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
EDU-262-956 - Early Childhood Administration IIOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
EMS-260-810 - Trauma EmergenciesOctober 15th, 2018M WOpen
EMS-270-810 - Life Span EmergenciesOctober 15th, 2018M WOpen
ENG-101-900 - Applied Communications IAugust 21st, 2018TOpen
ENG-101-901 - Applied Communications IOctober 16th, 2018TOpen
ENG-111-904 - Writing and InquiryAugust 21st, 2018TOpen
ENG-111-954 - Writing and InquiryOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
ENG-111-957 - Writing and InquirySeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
ENG-111-959 - Writing and InquiryDecember 10th, 2018OnlineOpen
ENG-112-953 - Writing and Research in the DisciplinesSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
ENG-112-954 - Writing and Research in the DisciplinesOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
ENG-232-950 - American Literature IISeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
ETR-230-950 - Entrepreneur MarketingOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
GRD-110-910 - Typography ISeptember 13th, 2018T THOpen
HEA-110-951 - Personal Health/WellnessOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
HEA-110-959 - Personal Health/WellnessDecember 10th, 2018OnlineOpen
HEO-111-900 - Heavy Equipment Operations IAugust 20th, 2018M WOpen
HIS-111-950 - World Civilizations ISeptember 13th, 2018OnlineWaitlisted
HIS-111-951 - World Civilizations ISeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
HIS-111-958 - World Civilizations ISeptember 13th, 2018T THFroz
HIS-111-959 - World Civilizations IDecember 10th, 2018OnlineOpen
HIS-112-950 - World Civilizations IISeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
HIS-131-950 - American History ISeptember 13th, 2018OnlineWaitlisted
HIS-131-951 - American History ISeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
HIS-132-950 - American History IISeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
HSE-110-950 - Introduction to Human ServicesSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineWaitlisted
HSE-110-951 - Introduction to Human ServicesSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
HSE-125-950 - CounselingOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
HSE-210-950 - Human Services IssuesOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
HSE-227-950 - Children & Adolescents in CrisisOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
HUM-150-959 - American Women's StudiesDecember 10th, 2018OnlineOpen
HUM-160-900 - Introduction to FilmSeptember 13th, 2018TOpen
HUM-160-950 - Introduction to FilmSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
ISC-112-990 - Industrial SafetySeptember 13th, 2018WOpen
ISC-115-900 - Construction SafetyAugust 21st, 2018TOpen
ISC-121-900 - Environmental Health & SafetyAugust 21st, 2018TOpen
MAC-111-900 - Machining Technology IAugust 30th, 2018M T W THOpen
MAC-114-900 - Introduction to MetrologySeptember 7th, 2018FOpen
MAC-131-900 - Blueprint Reading-Machining ISeptember 12th, 2018M WOpen
MAC-143-900 - Machining Applications IIIAugust 20th, 2018M TOpen
MAC-151-900 - Machining CalculationsSeptember 11th, 2018T THOpen
MAT-143-953 - Quantitative LiteracySeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
MAT-143-959 - Quantitative LiteracyDecember 10th, 2018OnlineOpen
MAT-152-952 - Statistical Methods ISeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
MAT-152-959 - Statistical Methods IDecember 10th, 2018OnlineOpen
MAT-171-952 - Precalculus AlgebraSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
MAT-171-953 - Precalculus AlgebraSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
MAT-172-950 - Precalculus TrigonometrySeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
MAT-263-950 - Brief CalculusSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
MAT-271-950 - Calculus ISeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
MED-118-800 - Medical Law and EthicsAugust 21st, 2018TOpen
MED-121-800 - Medical Terminology IAugust 20th, 2018MOpen
MED-122-800 - Medical Terminology IIOctober 15th, 2018MOpen
MED-122-950 - Medical Terminology IIOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
MED-122-951 - Medical Terminology IIOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
MED-130-890 - Administrative Office Procedures IAugust 21st, 2018TOpen
MED-272-801 - Drug TherapyAugust 20th, 2018MOpen
MKT-120-951 - Principles of MarketingOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
MLT-110-800 - Introduction to MltAugust 21st, 2018TOpen
MLT-127-800 - Transfusion MedicineSeptember 17th, 2018M WOpen
MLT-130-800 - Clinical Chemistry IAugust 20th, 2018M TOpen
MUS-110-952 - Music AppreciationSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineWaitlisted
MUS-112-959 - Introduction to JazzDecember 10th, 2018OnlineOpen
MUS-210-951 - History of Rock MusicOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
NAS-101-321 - Nurse Aide IAugust 29th, 2018M T W TH FOpen
NET-126-910 - Routing BasicsOctober 15th, 2018M T W THOpen
NET-126-950 - Routing BasicsOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
NOS-120-950 - Linux/UNIX Single UserSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
NOS-231-950 - Windows Administration IISeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
NUR-114-800 - Holistic Health ConceptsOctober 16th, 2018T WOpen
NUR-114-801 - Holistic Health ConceptsOctober 16th, 2018T WOpen
NUR-221-800 - LPN to ADN Concepts IAugust 20th, 2018MOpen
POL-220-950 - International RelationsOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
PSY-150-955 - General PsychologySeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
PSY-150-956 - General PsychologyOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
PSY-150-959 - General PsychologyDecember 10th, 2018OnlineOpen
PSY-241-951 - Developmental PsychologySeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
PSY-241-952 - Developmental PsychologyOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
PSY-281-950 - Abnormal PsychologySeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
PSY-281-951 - Abnormal PsychologyOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
RAD-110-800 - Rad Intro & Patient CareAugust 20th, 2018MOpen
RAD-231-800 - Image Production IIIOctober 18th, 2018THOpen
RCP-114-800 - C-P Anatomy & PhysiologyAugust 21st, 2018TOpen
REL-110-951 - World ReligionsOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
REL-211-900 - Introduction to Old TestamentSeptember 17th, 2018M WOpen
REL-211-950 - Introduction to Old TestamentSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
SAB-137-950 - Co-DependencyOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
SAB-210-950 - Sub Abuse CounselingOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
SGD-111-900 - Introduction to Simulation and Game DevelopmentSeptember 17th, 2018M WOpen
SGD-114-950 - 3D ModelingSeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
SOC-210-901 - Introduction to SociologySeptember 13th, 2018T THOpen
SOC-210-953 - Introduction to SociologySeptember 13th, 2018OnlineOpen
SOC-210-959 - Introduction to SociologyDecember 10th, 2018OnlineOpen
WBL-111-019A - Work-Based Learning IOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
WBL-115-951 - Work-Based Learning Seminar IOctober 15th, 2018OnlineOpen
WLD-110-900 - Cutting ProcessesAugust 21st, 2018TOpen