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CRM Contracting Robert Martin

For as long as he can remember, Robert Martin, owner of CRM Contracting, knew he wanted to be a contractor. When he was a young child he was asked by his Sunday school teacher what he wanted to be when he grew up. Robert's response was, "A carpenter."
When the Sunday school teacher asked why, he replied, "Because that's what Jesus was."

After working with the SBC, Robert stated, "The Small Business Center was very helpful. The information they shared with me was key to getting started and the support was priceless."

Robert is quick to share his experience as an entrepreneur by speaking about his troubled childhood and the hardships he faced, his struggles in adulthood, and ultimately how God brought him through it all and has blessed him through the start and growth of his business.

CRM Contracting, whose mission statement includes "We carry the cross," is committed to quality work and fair pricing. When asked what advice he would give to other people thinking of starting a business or to existing business owners who are looking to enhance or improve their company, Robert said, "Stay debt free. I suffered and gave up a lot to do this, but it was worth the sacrifice. First and foremost, give thanks to Jesus. Fully invest your energy, time and money to stay out of debt. Trust me, it made all the difference."

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