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Ruthi Cohen-Joyner, owner of Your Tapping Journey, is very engaged with her clients. She recently said, “My life’s mission and message is that YOU MATTER, that you are unique and worth it. You are deserving of everything that you want. Everything you desire is achievable through removing your inner blocks that have set you back for years. It’s not always an easy road to remove these blocks, but it’s so worth it and can lead you to the self-love and fulfillment you’ve been seeking all your life.”

She also noted, “The Small Business Center has been very influential in my success. When I first met with representatives back in 2013, they helped me establish my Facebook business page, and they have truly been helping me ever since. From getting the key page up for my business to allowing me to speak at ‘Grounds for Business,’ they have always been there for me. They have helped me obtain corporate clients and have been a huge support over the years.”

When asked what advice she would give to other people thinking of starting a business or to small business owners who are looking to enhance or improve their company, Ms. Cohen-Joyner said, “I would first highly recommend having a conversation with representatives to see how the Small Business Center can help you achieve your business goals. I think that is an excellent start to anyone just starting out or looking to expand a business. I think it is very important to seek out like-minded people who can support you. Businesses are not grown just on their own – it takes a team of people, a community or tribe, so don’t be afraid to seek out the help and support that you need.”

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