Travelers will visit many of the major locations across Spain. At the start of the 11-day journey, the group will visit Madrid, the capital of the country, then travel to Toledo. From here, travelers will move southward to Cordoba and Seville, a city which was instrumental in supplying and outfitting ships for the exploration of the New World. The group will then travel east to see Granada, Valencia, and Barcelona, a location which is famous as the home of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí and Antoni Gaudí

At each stop the travelers will get to experience the liveliness of Spanish culture and cuisine. In addition to the delicious food—expect to eat outstanding favorites like tortilla Española, cured meats like jamón and chorizo, and gazpacho—the travelers will also see Spanish culture firsthand. For instance, in Toledo travelers will have the chance to experience medieval and Moorish architecture in tandem; this beautiful city has a long history of the three cultures standing in harmony side-by-side, and travelers will get to see how the citizens have made this arrangement possible over the centuries. Later in the tour, the garden city of Valencia will sooth travelers as they walk the groves of almonds, olives, and oranges. In Valencia and other locations, the group will have the chance to see influences that range from ancient Rome to the pageantry of Catholicism to the artwork of Picasso.

Though Spain is a Spanish-speaking country, travelers will have no trouble negotiating its culture. Patricia Horner, who is an experienced leader of college trips and who also teaches Spanish at the College, will be in charge of this journey. In addition to her qualifications as a leader, she has also personally traveled through the region extensively and holds a Master’s Degree in Spanish Language and Culture from the Universality of Salamanca and therefore understands the culture and people the group will encounter. The group will have ample opportunity to relax as they explore the sights, sounds, culture, and cuisine of Spain. Mrs. Horner has carefully planned the group's itinerary for the trip and will be happy to answer any questions that may arise.

Destination:Cultural Immersion in Spain – Madrid, Toledo, Andalucía, Valencia and Barcelona
Program date:May 25 - June 4, 2017
Deposit amount:$200.00 [non-refundable]
Deposit payment deadline:October 15, 2016
Estimate program cost:$2,900 [if signed-up before October 15th]
Program payment deadline:March 10, 2017 [payment plan available]
Program cost includes:- Flights Charlotte – Madrid, Barcelona - Charlotte
- 9 nights 1st class accommodations visiting 6 cities
- All transfers, admissions to attractions
- Guided field trips
- 15 meals: 9 breakfasts, 6 dinners
Program cost does not include:Passport fees, some meals, and tuition
Course associate with program:HUM 180 or Continuing Education community travel course
College location:Albemarle, NC
Program point of contact:Patricia G. Horner, 704-991-0395