Production Technician (MNT-311101)

Course Topics Hours
Basic Computer (Word/Excel/Email Etiquette/Basic Browser/Apps) 9
OSHA 10/hr Certification (includes Forklift Safety-not certification) 15
Intro to Manufacturing Processes (includes Machine Troubleshooting/Production Documents) 39
Basic Shop Math/Measurement/Blueprint 21
Intro to Quality 3
Preventative/Corrective Action 6
Intro to Lean Mfg./Continuous Improvement 9
Teambuilding Skills 3
Communication 3
Problem Solving/Critical Thinking 6
Diversity/Sexual Harassment/Ethics/Drug & Alcohol Abuse/Dependability/Dress/Cellphone Etiquette in the Workplace 6
Total Hours 120
On-the-job Training (OJT): 3 to 6 weeks (up to 40 hrs/wk)
Basic Skills
CRC Silver Level
Resume Writing/Interview Skills training
GED/Adult High School

Total Hours for Production Technician = 120

A Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) pre-test will be required prior to starting class. Click this link for more information: Career Readiness Certificate

Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) will be part of this program and all participants must complete this by the end of the program to successfully complete the program.

If the student does not have a High School diploma, GED, or Adult High School, they may click this link for more information: Career College Readiness