Mission, Vision & Values


Stanly Community College values effective teaching, partnerships, and life-long learning for Stanly County residents and students across North Carolina, other states, and other countries. The College enhances the economic, social, and cultural life of the communities we serve by providing face-to-face and virtual learner-centered environments that encourage access, success, and completion.


Stanly Community College will be the gateway for higher education and a positive catalyst for change in all the communities we serve by

  • providing quality instruction in every delivery method;
  • being a committed economic development partner; and
  • offering an outstanding customer service experience.


STUDENT SUCCESS is the foundation of all our values. SCC exists to create a well-rounded education for our students. We seek to equip them so that they may enrich their lives, serve our community, and be productive citizens.

COMMUNITY is essential to the College’s mission. The College strives to reflect our community’s demographics in the student body, faculty, and staff. We pursue relationships with local industries, other learning institutions, and government and civic organizations to provide educational and training resources to meet the needs of the local community.

EQUITY is fairness in action. Meeting students where they are and providing the needed resources to help students from all backgrounds achieve their individual goals. The College firmly believes students can attain success no matter the socioeconomic factors in the community.

INNOVATION in all of our efforts puts us at the forefront of exciting new initiatives and technologies. Changing industry and educational standards require SCC to stay vigilant in seeking better ways to provide effective student and community support.

EXCELLENCE is our commitment. We demonstrate excellence in our teaching, partnerships, services and are planning to provide our faculty, staff, and partners with the training, motivation, and opportunities necessary to accomplish our mission. We continuously improve through data-informed decisions. 

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