Career Services

Stanly Community College’s Career Services helps students and alumni explore career possibilities, learn job search strategies and find rewarding jobs.

Career Assessments

Students can independently complete the assessments below independently and schedule a meeting to discuss the results with a member of SCC's Counseling Department.

Career Planning
Career Assessments and Inventories, Resume Writing, Interview Skills

These meetings can be beneficial for students who need help developing plans to achieve their career goals and assistance with the following:

  • “I don’t know what to major in.”
  • “I know what I want to major in, but have no idea what I want to do once I graduate.”
  • “I need help with a resume and/or cover letter.”
  • “I need to take a career assessment to find out what career field I might be suited for.”
  • Any issues relating to career and/or educational issues

A counselor will not tell you what to do, what you should major in, or what career to pursue.  Career Planning can be a process, so be prepared for multiple meetings and discussions to form a successful path.


Resumes can be submitted for counselor review through the SCC Career Connect link on this page.

Career Connect Logo

SCC Career Connect

SCC Career Connect (Purple Briefcase) is a new career services platform. This program enables students to create a profile where they can complete career assessments and interest inventories, develop a resume which can be edited by specific administrators, and search and apply for jobs and internships with SCC and local employers. Each SCC student has an existing account which can be accessed by following the link below and using their SCC login information.

To view job opportunities, please log into SCC Career Connect

If you have questions, contact Marcus Pryor at 704-991-0278 or
Tracie Carpenter at 704-991-0189.


Complete the Career Services Intake Formand provide it to a member of the Counseling Department for career planning, or to Marcus Pryor for job placement assistance. An appointment will be scheduled to review your career needs.

Marcus Pryor

Marcus Pryor,
Dean of Students & Career Placement
Patterson Building, Room 109
Albemarle Campus


Tracie Carpenter

Tracie Carpenter,
Director of Counseling & Special Services
Snyder Building, Room 220

Luke Essex

Luke Essex,
Virtual Counselor

Traci Swaringen

Traci Swaringen,
Crutchfield, Room 108