Languages and Scripting Class Descriptions

Programming and Scripting Decorative

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Kelly Caudle
Program Head, IT Academy


Programming Essentials with Python

This course is designed to introduce students to aspects of developing a computer program including the analysis of code and logic, correct and execute programs, and apply effective programming techniques to prepare business solutions.

Students will be able to:

  • Setup a programming environment.
  • Describe key terminology associated with programming languages.
  • Describe logic and flow control used in programming.
  • Describe components of a programming language.
  • Develop custom scripts to solve business problems.

JavaScript Essentials 1 - JSE

The JavaScript Essentials 1 course introduces the student to some universal computer programming concepts, such as data types, type casting, containers, comments, operators, conditional execution, loops, functions, errors, exceptions, troubleshooting, and code debugging. The course guides the student step-by-step to understanding and using the core JavaScript language to design, build, and improve simple JavaScript programs. No prior programming knowledge is required. The course begins with the very basics guiding you step by step until you become adept at solving more complex problems.

By the end of the course, student:

  • Knows the syntax of the core JavaScript language to a degree that allows for working with variables, operators, flow control, and functions;
  • Knows the basics of the JavaScript data types system, distinguishing between primitive and complex types, and is able to choose a type adequate to their needs;
  • Thinks algorithmically and can analyze a problem using a programmatic conceptual apparatus;
  • Can choose a data type adequate to the problem being solved and use suitable flow control means;
  • Can design, develop, and improve very simple JavaScript programs;
  • Can interpret and handle basic exceptions related to errors in program execution
  • Understands a programmer's work in the software development process and the role of fundamental development tools;
  • Knows how a program is interpreted and executed in an actual computer environment, local or remote;
  • Can create and develop their own programming portfolio;

Introduction to Windows PowerShell

This course is for beginning level Windows systems administrators, Windows Power Users and Windows Desktop Support individuals.  It covers the fundamentals of the PowerShell environment.  It will lay the groundwork and foundation for more advanced PowerShell skills. You will learn about the object-oriented nature of PowerShell and how to leverage these fundamentals to help you on your way to being a true power user and power administrator. 

These are the topics that will be covered.

  • CLI file management
  • Using the help system
  • Running commands
  • Working with providers
  • The pipeline: connecting commands
  • Objects: data by another name
  • The pipeline, deeper
  • Formatting - and why it's done on the right
  • Filtering and comparisons
  • Using Windows Management Instrumentation and CIM
  • Multitasking with background jobs
  • Working with many objects, one at a time
  • Security alert!
  • Variables: a place to store your stuff
  • Outputs & Displays
  • PS Remoting with Sessions
  • PS Remoting with Sessions Deeper
  • You call this scripting?
  • Improving your parameterized script