Graduation Rates - Curriculum Programs

Graduation Rates

**Graduation Rates are determined by calculating the number of
students completing their program within 150 percent of normal time to completion.

Updated: 12/14/2018

SCC Graduation Rates*
IPEDS ReportChort YearGraduation Rate (%)
2011 Report200729
2012 Report200833
2013 Report200930
2014 Report201025
2015 Report201118
2016 Report201229
2017 Report201333
2018 Report201436
2019 Report201548

*As reported to IPEDS

Institutional Goal – Stanly Community College will maintain a Curriculum program graduation rate of 33% or higher.
Summary of Progress – As of 2019, the Curriculum program graduation rate for Stanly Community College is 48%. This is 15 percentage points higher than the institutional goal.

Retention Rates – Curriculum Students

Retention Rates

**Retention rates are based on the number of first-time, full-time, degree/certificate-seeking students who enter the
institution in the fall term and who return to the same institution the following term.

Updated: 12/14/2018

SCC Retention Rates*
IPEDS ReportChort YearRetention Rate (%)
2011 Report200959
2012 Report201062
2013 Report201153
2014 Report201254
2015 Report201358
2016 Report201459
2017 Report201568
2018 Report201663
2019 Report201762

*As reported to IPEDS

Institutional Goal – Stanly Community College will obtain a retention rate of 65% for full-time cohort students by June 2016.
Summary of Progress – As of 2019 IPEDS report, the Stanly Community College full-time cohort retention rate is 62%. This is three percentage points lower than the institutional goal.