Albemarle, NC - Stanly Community College’s (SCC) Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) students recently joined together for simulated real life medical and rescue scenarios as they completed their coursework and prepared for the state exam.

EMT instructors Hunter Pilkins and Jamie Lynthacum spearheaded the training exercise in partnership with both the Norwood Center Rural Fire Department and Southside Fire Department.

EMS EMT Students Training Exercise

“We worked together to create scenarios as close to real-life as possible, because many of these students have never been around EMS or Fire agencies,” said lead EMT Instructor, Jamie Lynthacum. “This type of exposure allowed them to practice assessing situations and hands-on skills. It also introduced them to the importance of multi-agency teamwork. This type of training combined with classroom training helps them build confidence to hit the ground running once they pass the state exam and start with an EMS or Fire agency.”

The EMT/EMR students embraced the opportunities to assess both personal and scene safety, perform patient extrications, and provide appropriate care and treatments learned in class on human subjects and a manikin. The fire departments also had an opportunity to work together using rescue equipment and stabilization techniques, which allowed SCC students safe access to extricate simulated trapped patients from vehicles found upright, upside down and on their side.

SCC instructors Matt Treece, Jeff Craven, Hannah Swisher, Roy Poplin, Chase Melton, along with Harley Pilkins of theEMS EMT Training Exercise 2 Albemarle Fire Department also assisted in the simulations.

Students in these programs may qualify for the GEER Scholarship (up to $750). For more information on the Paramedic, Emergency Medical Technician, Emergency Medical Responder, or Emergency Medical Science degree, contact Scott Shew (,704-991-0186) or Donna Jones (,704-991-0217