Students enrolled in Stanly Community College’s (SCC) Teacher Preparation programs recently traveled to UNC Charlotte’s Cato College of Education to explore the university as a transfer option after graduation. UNCC hosted this transfer event specifically for prospective educators like Ava Russell, Lianne McCall, Mallory Ball and Tabitha Crowe. These SCC students learned about the university’s programs, scholarships and thriving campus. In addition, the group was able to practice teaching a simulated group of students through Mursion, an immersive VR training platform that blends artificial intelligence and live human interaction.

The day’s activities ended with an opportunity to speak one-on-one with faculty members from their programs of interest.

SCC’s transfer degrees offer an economical and efficient way to work towards a bachelor’s degree. The Associates of Arts and Associates of Science Teacher Preparation Degrees allow students to meet all general education requirements for university transfer while gaining valuable insight and experience in the field of education. For more information about these programs, contact Sue Drake at 704-991-0286 or the Eagle’s One-Stop at 704-991-0123.