Stanly Community College recently celebrated a significant milestone in the journeys of eight talented cosmetology students with a pinning ceremony. This special event commemorated the successful completion of 1500 contact hours, marking their entry into the professional beauty industry.

The pinning ceremony, held on Tuesday, July 11, at the Morton-Moffitt Cosmetology Center (MMCC) on the Albemarle campus, brought together faculty, staff, family members, and friends to honor the hard work and dedication of the students throughout their cosmetology education.

Over the course of their rigorous training, these aspiring beauty professionals have undergone an intensive curriculum, gaining hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge in various aspects of cosmetology, including professional imaging, hair design, chemical processes, skin care, nail care, multicultural practices, business/computer principles and product knowledge. The guidance of instructors such as David Smith, Tammy Coble, Linda Hatley and Heather Britt have been instrumental in shaping the students' understanding of industry best practices, cultivating their creativity, and fostering a strong work ethic.

During the pinning ceremony, each student was presented with a symbolic pin that signified their official induction into the world of cosmetology and their readiness to serve clients with professionalism and skill.

"We are incredibly proud of these students for their commitment and perseverance throughout their education,” said David Smith, Program Head of Cosmetology Technology. “We cannot wait to see them prosper in their careers."

On average, SCC prepares 60-70 students each year to take the State Board of Cosmetic Arts examination, and, upon passing, will become licensed cosmetologists in the state of North Carolina.

Smith added that high school students can enroll in tuition-free Cosmetology classes through Career and College Promise (CCP). These classes are offered on the Albemarle campus, providing an excellent opportunity for aspiring beauty professionals to kickstart their education while still in high school.

Cosmetology Instructor Placing Pin on StudentAdditionally, SCC’s Cosmetology Technology program offers affordable salon services to the public, provided by students under the supervision of experienced SCC instructors. This provides students with real-world experience, enabling them to practice their skills in a professional setting while ensuring the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction for clients. Visit for information on appointments and available services.

Registration for the upcoming Cosmetology program is now open. For more information, interested students can call 704-991-0376 or 704-991-0154. Detailed program information, including admission requirements and course descriptions, can be found on the College's website at

Instructor Tammy Coble proudly pins Nerissa Miller signifying her induction into the world of cosmetology.