Albemarle, NC – During the 2021 Global Cisco Networking Academy Partner Conference, Stanly Community College’s (SCC) Cisco Academy Support Center (ASC) and Instructor Training Center (ITC) was named the Golden Bridge Award winner for North America. Only one Golden Bridge Award was given out for North America, with SCC as the winner. During the conference Cisco representatives recognized the hard work that SCC has done to support so many academies during the COVID-19 crisis.

Emma Reid, Global Marketing Manager, Cisco Networking Academy, stated, “Congratulations for being the Cisco Networking Academy Golden Bridge Award winner for 2021. A top priority for Cisco is to empower people everywhere through opportunity. More specifically, we want to transform the lives of learners, educators, and communities through education and career possibilities. I want to thank you for your dedication and contribution to making this a reality and providing career possibilities for people everywhere. Thank you for continuing to partner with Cisco Networking Academy and congratulations, once again, on your well-deserved recognition.”

The Cisco Networking Academy program is an e-learning model that teaches networking and other informational technology skills utilizing web-based educational content, online testing, student performance tracking, hands-on labs and instructor training and support.

The Cisco Networking Academy began at Stanly Community College in the fall of 1998. From its inception, SCC has been involved in teaching student classes locally, providing instructor training classes, and offering support for other Cisco Academies.

SCC currently supports 180+ Cisco Networking Academies in high schools, community colleges, and universities throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Utah, New York and the District of Columbia. Additionally, SCC’s local classes allow Stanly County residents to obtain advanced information technology training.

Kelly Caudle, SCC Program Head, Cisco Academy Support Center and the Instructor Training Center, noted, “I want to thank the entire ASC/ITC team for helping make this award happen. The team’s resilience and commitment to rise above the COVID-19 crisis and provide exceptional education is what sets SCC apart from the rest. Congratulations team on a job well done.”

For more information about Stanly Community College’s Cisco Academy Support Center (ASC) or Instructor Training Center (ITC), contact Kelly Caudle at (704) 991-0346 or or visit the College’s website at