Albemarle, NC – Morrow Mountain State Park Rangers and Maintenance employees recently completed an Emergency Medical Responder course provided by Stanly Community College (SCC). The 96-hour course included education in patient assessment and treatment such as splinting, bleeding control and bandaging, airway management and oxygen therapy, lifting and moving patients, and CPR. Students also learned about caring for infants/children and geriatrics, pregnancy/childbirth assistance, documentation, and communications with other agencies, scene safety with TIMS (Traffic Incident Management System) as well as Wilderness EMS medical response.

Jeff Davidson, Park Superintendent for Morrow Mountain State Park, expressed excitement for SCC to bring the course to the employees at the state park to learn in their daily environment. COVID-19 protocols were maintained, and the students were able to practice skills safely.

Instructors for the course were Paramedics Sherri Hoyle and Adam Palmer. Both are credentialed as Level II EMS instructors and have been teaching for SCC since June 2004, and April 2009, respectively. Their knowledge and expertise along with their love for teaching offer students an excellent opportunity to learn and apply their new skills with confidence.

These students will soon take the NC Office of Emergency Medical Services exam to earn their credentials as state-certified Emergency Medical Responders. As these Park employees will likely be first on scene for any emergency within the state park, their new education and credentials will better prepare them to handle medical and trauma emergencies until EMS paramedics can arrive.

Stanly Community College will offer another Emergency Medical Responder class in August, along with two upcoming Emergency Medical Technician classes. For more information, contact Donna Jones at or (704) 991-0217, or Scott Shew at or (704) 991-0186. Please visit the College’s website at for the most recent class schedules.