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Kelly Caudle
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One important note, these courses are designed for students who have not yet taken the VCP exam. Students who have already passed the exam will still have to retake the exam using the voucher given at the end of the course in order to receive credit towards VMware VCP certification. Per VMware, if you take the exam in any other format other than using the information you will be provided in this class, you will not receive your full certification.

Get VMware certified with classes at Stanly Community College’s IT Academy (SCC/ITA). We offer courses for the VMware Certified Professional - Data Center Virtualization (VCP - DCV) certification.

SCC/ITA offers these courses under the umbrella of Continuing Education. These fast-paced courses are conducted online. All course materials, assessments, and labs are available through our online learning management system. Students have access to top of the line instruction and equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To start the process of taking a class in the IT Academy, you must first place your name on the wait list.  This can be done by clicking on the following link and selecting the class you wish to take:  https://itacademy.stanly.edu/waitlist.aspx 

If you wish to take multiple classes, you must sign up on the wait list for each class you wish to take.  Once your name is on the wait list, our registration technicians will register for the classes in a First In First Out manner (FIFO).  We cannot guarantee you will be enrolled in the next set of classes at the IT Academy, but we will do everything we can to enroll you in a class as quickly as possible.  Once you are enrolled, the registration technicians send an email with payment details, and it is your responsibility to pay for the class in a timely manner. 

Each course is 8 weeks (about 2 months) in length. 

Each course varies, but most of our courses will have at least one weekly meeting at a time to be determined by the instructor based on the students’ availability. These will be recorded if you are unable to attend. The rest of the material will be scheduled asynchronously. This will allow students to work in their own time, and at their own pace, which can be especially helpful for adult learners who need to balance their education with work and family responsibilities. It also provides a way for students who live far away from a school or university to participate in courses remotely. However, there will be quizzes, labs and assignments with due dates to help you stay on track to finish the class.

Yes, all IT academy courses are offered in a fully online format.

IT Academy courses start  after the regular semester class start date, but typically run five sets of 8-week courses throughout the year. Please check the schedule on the main IT Academy page for exact dates for the next course. 

$205 USD

While VMware does only require one class to get fully VCP certified, we highly recommend you take both Install, Configure, and Manage (ICM) and Operate, Scale and Secure (OSS). Our recommended certification track is as follows: 

  • Take and pass the ICM class 
  • Take and pass the VCTA PSE Exam 
  • Take and pass the OSS Class 
  • Take and pass the VCP PSE Exam 

We have found that the above track best prepares students for the VCP exam and administering and managing vSphere in the workforce. ICM covers ~70% of the material tested for in the VCP exam but is missing some information we feel is key to being a successful administrator. The OSS course reviews much of the ICM material and provides some key information on administering, scaling, and securing your vSphere environments that will help you with the VCP Exam and in your career. 

If you work daily with vSphere, you can take only one of our classes to get VCP certified, but this is not recommended.  By only taking one class you will not be taking advantage of all of SCC’s resources. If you wish to take only a single course to get your VCP certification then you should take Operate, Scale, and Secure (OSS).  

NOTE: Taking only the OSS class is only recommended for someone who works daily with vSphere in a production environment. 

If you choose to only take the ICM course, which is not recommended, then you will need to take the VCTA PSE Exam with the voucher we give you to meet the VCP Class Requirement. You can then take the standard VCP Exam at full price to meet the exam requirement and get fully certified. This pathway may require you to submit a Certificate of Completion to VMware to get your VCP Certification attached to your MyLearn account. 

However, if you choose to only take the OSS course, then you can take the VCP PSE Exam using the voucher we give you to meet both the Class and Exam requirements. You will be fully VCP certified once you take the VCP PSE Exam. You should not have to submit any Certificates of Completion if you take OSS and pass the VCP PSE Exam.

Once the class is over, the materials will not be available. Please complete the labs as many times as possible and view the content as much as possible during the set class dates.  Students wishing to obtain more lab access should take the VMware Exam Prep class offered through the IT Academy.

The e-text is available for free.

Yes, you'll receive a discount voucher for 70% off retail cost of the exam. After the ICM course, you will receive the voucher for the VCTA (VMware Certified Technical Associate) exam, good for six attempts. After the OSS course, you will receive the voucher for the VCP (VMware Certified Professional) exam, good for three attempts. 

For the VCTA exam the voucher gives you 6 attempts at the discounted price, but you can only take a VCTA exam three times per pathway: DCV, CMA, NV, etc. There are six pathways so you can use your VCTA voucher to take each of them once, or take two of them three times each, or any other combination.

For the VCP exam the voucher gives you 3 attempts at the discounted price to pass it.  

If you fail any PSE exam three times, you will be blocked from it for a year and must retake the associated class. 


VMware classes you take with us will not show up in your VMware MyLearn Profile. SCC is a VMware IT Academy and as such we do not have direct access to VMware’s MyLearn database to enter the classes you have passed.  As a VMware IT Academy we give out vouchers upon the successful completion of our VMware classes that when used to take a PSE exam will prove to VMware that you took our class. For instance, only students that have taken and passed our OSS class will have a valid voucher to take the VCP-DCV PSE Exam, no other voucher will work. Students that take the VCP-DCV PSE exam must have taken a VMware IT Academy OSS course.