Biomedical Equipment Technology - CCP

Tuition-waived Biomedical Equipment Technology program for Career & College Promise (high school juniors and seniors)

BMT-111 - Intro to Biomed Fields

ELC-131 - Circuity Analysis I

ELC-131A - Circuit Analysis I Lab

ELN-133 - Digital Electronics

BMT-223 - Imaging Tech/Laser Fundamentals

CTS-120 - Hardware/Software Support


Biomedical Equipment Technology pathway contact: Mr. Steven Eury: 704-991-0277;


For CCP registration, contact:

Career and College Promise Contact for Stanly County High schools: Steve Cumming 

Career and College Promise Contact for homeschool, Gray Stone Day School and out of Stanly County students: Shawna Loftis 704-991-0293;