Nurse Aide - CCP

NAS-101 - Nursing Aide I

NAS-102 - Nursing Aide II

NAS-106 - Geriatric Aide


Nurse Aide CCP courses are taught at Albemarle High School. Because of this location, this pathway is only open to students from Stanly County Schools, Stanly Academy and SCoVE students.

Students wishing to participate in NAS-101 must be 16.5 years of age or older on the first day of the semester they wish to enroll in NAS-101

Nurse Aide pathway program contact: Anissa Chapman 704-991-0342;


For CCP registration, contact:

Career and College Promise Contact for Stanly County High schools: Steve Cumming 

Career and College Promise Contact for homeschool, Gray Stone Day School and out of Stanly County students: Shawna Loftis