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Betty O'Neal
Carolina Auction Academy Director

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Start Date Class Day(s) Weeks Fee
09/09/2024 Carolina Auction Academy M TH 11 185.50

Carolina Auction Academy offers a comprehensive course designed to introduce the auction method of marketing and provide the coursework needed to obtain a NC or SC auctioneer license. This is a very interactive course and participants will be taught by a team of instructors including state and international champions. All instructors are licensed auctioneers as well as specialist in various areas.

Carolina Auction Academy opened in 2005 and has consistently produced auctioneers as well as support staff (such as clerking/cataloguing, ring workers, set up specialist and online auction leaders) who understand the business side of the auction profession as well as bid calling. Graduates say the course was far more than they expected, and it was fun. A highlight of the course is the student auction where skills are applied in a public setting and money raised goes to scholarships and/or charity.

Class size is limited to allow for personalized feedback and direction. Our evening schedule allows for retention and processing of content. Our tuition for the 10-week class is set by the state and is currently only $185.50.

Why should you attend Carolina Auction Academy?

  1. Develop skills needed to become an auctioneer.
  2. Understand the laws, rules, etc., needed to be effective, efficient support staff or operate an Auction Firm.
  3. Develop salesmanship, professionalism, overcoming stage fright, voice control and the art of bid calling.
  4. Develop skills and techniques for ONLINE auctions as well as LIVE outcry auctions.
  5. Become a more informed consumer- understanding the bidding process and terminology.