Facts and Figures

Become a Professional Auctioneer

Who: Anyone, 18 years of age and older, with a desire to learn more about the auction method of marketing. Basic math skills and a high school diploma or GED are required.

Real estate professionals and/or attorneys wishing to obtain an auctioneer license to incorporate auctions into their businesses.
People who want to improve communication skills or to simply learn more about auctions in order to be an educated consumer.

What: A comprehensive 96-hour program designed to prepare participants to pass the state exam, obtain a license, and have the tools necessary to enter the business world as an auctioneer.

When: Please watch our calendar of events page for the next registration date. We run two classes per year.

Where: Carolina Auction Academy is housed in the Crutchfield Education Center located on Highway 24/27 between Charlotte and Albemarle at 102 Stanly Parkway in Locust, North Carolina. It is conveniently located off I-485.

Why: The auction method of marketing is a growing billion dollar industry. CAA opened in 2005 as one of only three schools approved in North Carolina to offer professional auctioneer training, and is also approved by South Carolina.

How: CAA provides an evening program ,which meets two nights per week. In addition, we have the capability of offering some of the sessions in a live interactive teleconference format which allows students to tune in from home and be live with the class , just in a different location. A team of highly qualified instructors will be available to work with students to prepare them to enter the auction profession-whether full time, part time, or to simply be a more informed auction attendee.