Stanly Community College (SCC) President Dr. John Enamait recently made a rather bold or "bald" pledge that captured the attention and enthusiasm of the college employees. To rally support for an internal fundraising campaign, Dr. Enamait offered an unconventional incentive—he volunteered to have his head shaved by cosmetology students if faculty and staff met the ambitious goal of $40,000. 

He's known for keeping his word.

The Stanly Community College Foundation announced the annual Employee Giving Campaign raised an impressive $41,858 this year. This achievement underscores the dedication of Stanly Community College employees to support students in their pursuit of higher education and a successful future.

Each year, SCC employees are asked to contribute to the philanthropic arm of the College, and each year, the generosity level increases. Since 2020, the Foundation has seen over an 80% increase in giving. Employees may designate their contributions to scholarships, emergency funds, and a Small Business Center Fund. During this year's campaign, employees created three new named scholarships and one fund to assist College and Career Promise students with additional course financial needs.

In 2022, the funds raised from the campaign supported over 70 students with $98,000 in scholarship funding, enabling them to access the education they aspire to. The Student Emergency Fund, another initiative supported by the campaign, assisted students with $11,000 to overcome obstacles that could have otherwise hindered their educational journey. 

"This generous support from SCC employees truly exemplifies the College's commitment to its students and the community," said the Foundation's Executive Director, Jeania Martin. "It's not just about numbers or our college president shaving his head, although that certainly added to the excitement of our efforts; it's about lives transformed, opportunities unlocked, and dreams realized."

After having his head shaved on December 7, Dr. Enamait told the group, "Today, I may be without hair, but I'm overwhelmed by the generosity of our employees. Together, we've shown that when we set our sights on a goal, there's nothing we can't achieve, and that's exactly what we tell our students here at SCC every day."

For more information about the SCC Foundation and how you can contribute to making college successful for area students, contact Martin at 704-991-0370 or