Albemarle, NC - VMware in partnership with Stanly Community College is offering a scholarship program for 25 veterans to help them achieve VMware Certified Profession Datacenter Virtualization (VCP-DCV). The goal of the Reboot Scholarship program is for VMware to provide a pathway for Veterans to become VCP-DCV certified. As one of the most well-known virtualization certifications in the industry, VCP-DCV provides veterans with a pathway to employment in the IT industry.

The Reboot program provides funding for veterans to take the Install, Configure and Manage (ICM) class through Stanly Community College’s online IT Academy. Install, Configure and Manage consists of the following topics:

Once completed with the ICM class, veterans will receive a voucher to take the VMware Certified Technical Associate – Data Center Virtualization (VCTA-DCV)—the first step to becoming VCP-DCV certified.

Veterans who successfully complete ICM 7 will then be eligible for a scholarship to take Optimize and Scale v7. Upon successful completion of Optimize and Scale v7, veterans will receive a discount voucher to take the VCP-DCV.

To qualify for this program, veterans should be willing to: 

  • Dedicate 10-12 hours per week completing online course content and labs
  • Attend or review weekly class meetings (meetings will be recorded and posted if students cannot attend in person)
  • Provide a valid DD 214 at the time of registration to prove veteran status
  • Pay for the cost of the VCTA-DCV and VCP-DCV certification. (current costs in the USA is $37.50 for VCTA-DCV and $75 for VCP-DVC)

Here is a short video describing the Reboot with VMware IT Academy Veterans scholarship program:

The first Reboot Install Configure Manage (ICM) class will start February 2, 2022 and end April 6, 2022. Veterans are advised that this class is a difficult course especially for students who do not have previous IT experience. Veterans should plan to commit the full 10-12 hours per week to be successful and obtain their certifications. To help them prepare for the class, we highly recommend they take an online micro course called Cloud and Virtualization Concepts. It is a 9 hour course that is an excellent pre-requisite course to jumpstart you before February 3, 2021st .

After completion of ICM, Optimize and Scale will start April 27 – 2022 and end June 22, 2022.

Veterans referred to the Reboot with VMware IT Academy for Veterans scholarship program should contact Lydia Miller at

Please forward to a Veteran who would be interested in this workforce opportunity.

We will be hosting 2 webinars below to learn more about the program and the requirements. Come with your questions too!

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Thursday, December 16, 2021 – 2:00est – 3:00est
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Wednesday, January 5th, 2022 – 2:00est – 3:00est
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