Program Content & Format

Stanly Community College offers six courses to be taken over two to three years, focused on the pedagogy of teaching as well as preparation for licensure and certification. The program will meet the individual needs of each student while working in cohorts with other teachers in the same residency program.

Students are mentored and supported by experienced faculty who are licensed teachers and have years of experience teaching in the elementary school environment.


EDU 270 Effective Instructional Environments 2 SHC

EDU 272 Technology, Data, and Assessment 3 SHC

EDU 277 Int. Curr. & Instr. Strat.: Math 3 SHC

EDU 278 Int. Curr. & Instr. Strat.: Soc. Stu./ELA 3 SHC

EDU 279 Literacy Development and Instruction 4 SHC

EDU 283 Educator Preparation Practicum 3 SHC



● All coursework is fully online.

● Courses follow a 16 week format.

● Two in-person observations are required for all courses except EDU 270.