Registering for Disability Services

Students with a documented disability that hinders a major life activity (like learning, reading, walking, breathing, etc.) are eligible to apply for reasonable accommodations through SCC’s Disability Services Office (a part of the Counseling and Special Services Office). Students that wish to apply for such accommodations have the responsibility to inform the Disability Services office and need to submit the following documentation.

  1. The student will complete the Request for Accommodations Form and the Authorized Accommodation Agreement.
  2. The student will also provide disability documentation from a healthcare provider that addresses the following criteria:
  • Nature of the disability.
  • How the disability and/or limitations from the disability affect the student in an academic setting.
  • Recommendations for possible accommodations to help mitigate barriers in an academic setting.

A 504 or IEP active within the last 3 years may be submitted in lieu of healthcare provider information if it addresses each of the above criteria.

*If documentation is unavailable or outdated, it is not the responsibility of SCC to fund for disability diagnosis.

Documentation will be reviewed and accommodations will be determined.

Students that are granted accommodations will receive a Faculty Accommodations Letter listing the accommodations for the upcoming semester to submit to instructors.

Accommodation letters are good for one semester and must be renewed through Disability Services.

Contact your appropriate Disability Services counselor below with any questions or concerns.