Albemarle, NC – Stanly Community College President, Dr. John Enamait is looking and feeling a little blue this week, but he couldn’t be happier about it. In response to the Stanly Community College Foundation’s recent employee giving campaign results, Dr. Enamait promised to allow the School’s Cosmetology students to dye his hair blue. The catch was that 100% of SCC’s full-time staff had to contribute to the campaign.

“We’ve got a very caring and philanthropic family here at Stanly Community College, but I wasn’t sure we’d reach our goal,” said Dr. Enamait. “For whatever reason, there may be some employees who just simply cannot donate and that’s ok too.”

But he soon realized he would have to schedule his hair appointment because the College President With Blue Haircampaign was a success, raising nearly $31,660.00 with staff, faculty and even Board of Trustee members rushing in daily with their pledge forms.

“With everyone so eager to see my hair dyed blue, I accepted my fate and was actually excited to do it. I knew because of everyone’s generosity and support, it would make it possible for us to continue offering scholarships and exceptional education and stay focused on what matters most – our students,” added Dr. Enamait.

This year’s employee giving campaign, “Supporting SCC Through the Decades” was made even more special as it celebrated the College’s 50th anniversary with fun activities on both the Albemarle and Locust campuses.

The SCC Foundation makes college affordable and accessible for students through scholarships, grants, and student aid. In 2020, funds raised from the campaign supported 66 students with scholarship funding and assisted 54 students to help overcome obstacles in obtaining their education through the Student Emergency Fund. Over the past two years, students have benefited from over $137,000 in scholarship funds.

For more information about the SCC Foundation, contact Jeania Martin, Executive Director at (704) 991-0370 or