Why University Transfer?

Stanly Community College’s university transfer degrees are fully transferable and can bridge you to the North Carolina universities and most private colleges.

You can also earn freshman- and sophomore-level general education credits toward your bachelor’s degree.

Our transfer degrees are economical, student-friendly alternatives to spending more money for your first two years at the universities. For example, the annual cost at SCC is $2,674; at an NC public university, it’s estimated to be around $7,056. In NC, private college tuition averages $22,681/year (Sources: https://www.stanly.edu/business-office/tuition.html and www.collegetuitioncompare.com).

Transfer students are able to take courses taught by credentialed, caring faculty and save money. Class options include seated, hybrid, or online formats, so you can fit a transfer degree into your busy schedule.

Additionally, class sizes are small and friendly–you won’t be just a number at SCC!

Did you know...

  • The Associate in Arts degree is a good choice for future education, social science or liberal arts majors, or even for a professional school that requires a strong liberal arts background. In most cases, if a student wishes to attend a university, the Associate in Arts degree is the best degree to pursue.
  • Students can earn a certificate in business and complete their Associate in Arts in Business Administration simultaneously.
  • All 16 UNC-system universities and 30 private North Carolina universities have signed an agreement streamlining transferability of the AA and AS programs.
  • The first two years of a university bachelor’s degree is comprised of the same courses you can take at SCC for a fraction of the cost.
  • Success Coaches can work with students to plan the most efficient, cost-effective path for transferring credits to other colleges.