Career Readiness Certificate FAQs

The CRC proves to an employer an applicant’s skill level in Reading, Math and using diagrams, charts, and graphs.

Workplace Documents – comprehending work-related reading materials, from memos and bulletins to policy manuals and governmental regulations

Applied Mathematics – applying mathematical reasoning to work-related problems.

Graphic Literacy – using information from such materials as diagrams, floor plans, tables, forms, graphs, and charts.

The total cost of the three required sections of the test is $37.50. You can take any of the three sections for $12.50 per section. The fee cannot be waived.

You can stop by the Business Office in 123 Patterson Building or call them at 704-991-0228. We accept cash, check, money order and all major credit cards.  After paying, you will bring a copy of your receipt with you to the test.


Tests are given on an as needed basis. Call 704-991-0364 or email to schedule an appointment.

The test is given in Eddins 207.

You must bring a valid ID. Calculators, pencils, and paper will be provided for you by the test center.

You will receive your scores the same day.

Scores do not expire, though some employers may limit how far back they will take scores.

Individuals who score at certain levels on the three sections will qualify for a certificate.

Bronze Certificate Level

Scores of at least 3’s and above on all three sections

Silver Certificate Level

Scores of at least 4’s and above on all three sections

Gold Certificate Level

Scores of at least 5’s and above on all three sections

Platinum Certificate Level

Scores of at least 6’s and above on all three sections

You may retake the entire exam or just a section for the fees listed above. It is highly recommended that you use the online preparation program to prepare first.

Click on the link below to request a login for the preparation website.

Yes! Go to the link below for the free practice test. You will need to use Google Chrome or Firefox. It will not work properly in Internet Explorer.