Auto Body Restoration


This course is designed to prepare the student for an entry-level position in the auto body restoration field. The training is graduated based upon the student’s skill, experience. Course topics will include a study of automobile construction and design, removing & installing parts, cutting materials, metalworking, welding, painting, use of tools, safety procedures and other related topics.

Feedback of student progress is continuous and focused on the task/project at hand. As a student accomplishes a given task set, the student’s progress is evaluated and critiqued. A student’s level of success will be determined by the commitment, discipline, and effort that they put into the course.


  • Work on assigned auto repair/restoration project.
  • Learn the basic uses of tools.
  • Study the different types of materials used in repair process.
  • Keeping personal safety first and foremost.
  • How to work metal to original shape.
  • How to disassemble and reassemble the vehicle.
  • How to prime and paint.

Additional Information:

Course Length: 128.0 Hours Spring & Fall / 72.0 Hours Summer

CEU’s: 12.8 Spring & Fall / 7.2 Summer

Pre-Requisites: None

Textbook(s) Required: None

Supplies or Other Requirements: Some safety equipment and repair materials.

Grading: Students will receive a “S” Satisfactory if they attend 80% of the total course hours and meet course requirements as established by instructor or a “U” Unsatisfactory if are absent in excess of 20% of total course hours or fail to meet course requirements as established by instructor.

Attendance: Students must attend 80% of total course hours.


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