Special Circumstances Request

Special Circumstances

Students and/or their families may experience a change in financial circumstances and the information required on the FAFSA may no longer accurately reflect their current financial situation.

Adjustments to a student’s financial aid record for loss of income may be considered for the following reasons:

  • Job termination or loss of income (due to change of job, reduction hours or retirement)
  • Divorce or separation after the FAFSA was completed
  • Death of a parent or spouse after the FAFSA was completed
  • Reduced earnings due to disability or natural disaster
  • Loss or reduction of untaxed income or benefits
  • Loss or reduction of child support/alimony received
  • Medical or dental extraordinary expenses

As part of the special circumstances review process, the Financial Aid office will ask for supporting documentation to ensure accuracy of adjustments made to a financial aid record.

How to request a Special Circumstance review

Complete the Special Circumstances Request form.

Submit the completed form along with supporting documentation to the Stanly Community College financial aid office.

Once all documentation has been successfully submitted, please allow up to two weeks for review and processing.  Note: The review process will not exceed 60 days.