Chapter 30 - Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB)

Chapter 30, Title 38 U.S. Code Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB)

Chapter 30 has four eligibility categories. The benefits generally apply to Veterans who began active duty service for the first time after June 30, 1985, had their pay reduced $100 a month for 12 months, and received an honorable discharge.  Eligible Veterans must initialize the Chapter 30 benefits within 10 years of being discharged.  For further information on the four eligibility categories, visit

Chapter 30 benefits are paid on a monthly basis directly to the veteran. Rates can be found at the following link

Chapter 30 Kickers and Additional Contributions

Higher monthly benefits are paid to Chapter 30 participants with “kickers” and to Chapter 30 participants who make additional Chapter 30 payments. Veterans may have a kicker, additional 36 contributions, or both. The higher benefit rates are paid automatically when benefits are paid. If Veterans don’t receive the benefit they believe they are entitled to receive, they should call VA about the discrepancy so that VA can resolve the discrepancy with the Department of Defense. A kicker is part of the enlistment contract. It might be referred to as; Army College Fund, Navy Sea College Fund. If a contract has a $12,000 kicker, for example, then the monthly kicker is $333.33 ($12,000 ÷ 36 months), which increases the $1,426.00 full-time Chapter 30 benefit to $1,759.33.

Servicepersons who participate in Chapter 30 contribute $1,200.00 towards Chapter 30. The contribution is non-refundable, with one exception. Chapter 30 (category 1 only) students who elect and then exhaust their Chapter 33 entitlement and are receiving a monthly housing allowance will receive a refund of the $1,200.00 contribution proportional to the amount of unused chapter 30 entitlement at the time of election for chapter 33. The refund is included in their last monthly housing allowance payment.

Servicepersons may contribute up to $600.00 more into the program. The maximum $600.00 additional contribution will increase the basic full-time Chapter 30 benefit by $150.00 per month. Additional contributions are not refundable for those who elect Chapter 33.


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