How to Begin Receiving VA Benefits

How to begin …

Students who are interested in receiving VA educational benefits must self-identify to the Financial Aid Office in order to insure that all eligible enrollment is submitted to the VA processing center.  Please note that the VA School Certifying Official is located in the Financial Aid Office.

1.  Military Service students must initially complete a VA application. The application is available online at

*Students who have received VA benefits at another institution and are now transferring to SCC must also complete the above application to notify the VA of a Place of Training OR Change of Program change.

2.  Students must complete a Stanly Community College Admission application and complete all requirements to be fully accepted into their program.

3.  Military Service students must submit all post-secondary education transcripts within two semesters of a 2-year degree, within one semester of a Diploma program and within 25% of a clock hour program to insure that all transfer credit has been evaluated and received.

4.  Military Service students will receive a Certificate of Eligibility from the VA as a result of completing the application, a copy of this Certificate of Eligibility should be turned into the School Certifying Official located in the Financial Aid Office.  *Note: students do not have to wait for the receipt of the Certificate of Eligibility to begin classes.  SCC students are asked to complete and submit the Declaration of Military Service form (available under VA Forms) to insure that the correct data is sent to the VA processing center.

5.  Advise the School Certifying Official once classes have been registered to insure that enrollment is sent to the VA for processing.

6.   Notify the School Certifying Official of any changes to class schedule, i.e. adds, drops, withdrawals and change of start dates.


It is also recommended that:

Students complete the FAFSA at The FAFSA is the Pell Grant application and students who are receiving VA benefits are encouraged to complete this application as one benefit does not negatively impact the other and military service students are eligible to receive both as long as they qualify.