Spring 2024 Financial Aid Refund Schedule

Students receive their financial aid refund based on their registration schedule.

Spring 2024 Semester

Classes beginning in January:

Enrollment Status Book Charge Dates Scheduled Refund Date
Total eligible credit hours enrolled as of January 23rd January 2nd -  31st Thursday, February 8th
  • Financial award is based on class schedule as of 1/23/24 regardless of class start date and there will be no additional refunds in the Spring 2024 semester.
  • Students must attend all scheduled classes, if not the student must return any unearned financial aid or restore enrollment status at their own expense.

Classes beginning in January or March:

Enrollment Status Book Charge Dates Scheduled Refund Date
Total eligible credit hours beginning on or within 7 days of January 23rd January 2nd  -  February 11th Thursday, February 15th
Total eligible credit hours that begin on or within 7 days of March 5th February 13th through March 21st Thursday, March  28th
  • Financial aid awards will be processed based on the start date of each class and will not include classes with a later start date.

Scheduled refund dates are subject to adjustment if technical problems or system issues occur.

How will I receive my financial aid refund?

Refunds are processed through 'direct deposit' or paper check.  Students can sign up for direct deposit through their Self-Service Account - "Banking Information".  If there is no direct deposit, a paper check will be mailed on the scheduled refund date.  Students are encouraged to check their Self-Service account to make sure the address on record is correct.  If the address is not correct, students may contact the Business Office via email indicating their student ID # and mailing address for the purpose of mailing a refund check - please note that the request must come from the student's SCC e-mail account for security purposes.