PEG Channel 21 Usage Rule

Approved By Date
Executive Leadership Team 08-23-2023
ICORE 08-16-2023
  1. Stanly Community College (SCC) serves as the master control for Stanly County’s Public, Educational, and Governmental Access Channel (PEG, Channel 21). In 2008, Time Warner Cable designated SCC to operate, control and schedule programming on Channel 21 for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. PEG channels are available for use by the general public (individuals, for-profits & non-profits), educational institutions for educational programming, and programming by local governments. PEG channels are not mandated by federal law. Non-content-based rules may be adopted, with restrictions on obscenity, but none on content. It is the intent of Stanly Community College not to compete with local studios and/or videographers, but to serve the PEG channel needs of Stanly County. To ensure a non-competitive environment, SCC provides procedures in accessing the PEG channel studio, recording programming, and air-time.  
  2. Individuals or entities seeking to use the Channel 21 studio or to obtain broadcast time on Channel 21 must execute a contract.  The Studio Manager will draft each contract and submit it for review and approval by the Vice President of Student Success and the Vice President of Administrative Services/CFO.
  3. PEG access will be on a first-come-first-served basis for the public.  Local governmental programming has priority over educational and public access. Local governmental is inclusive of all branches and agencies of local government within Stanly County.  Educational programming has priority over public access. Educational is inclusive of all public, private, and individual institutions from pre-K through higher education. Public programming is inclusive of all public, private, for-profit, and non-profit organizations. The President of SCC has final discretion to resolve any conflicts to the PEG Channel 21 Usage Rule.
  4. Studio fees will be waived for all local governmental and public educational programming. Fees will be applied to public programming and non-public educational programming based on the agreed upon and approved contract between SCC and the organization/individual/institution.
  5. Only authorized SCC personnel will have access to the studio equipment and resources.
  6. PEG Channel 21 Studio Manager supervises the writing, producing, filming, and editing of all film footage that airs on PEG Channel 21, which includes but is not limited to full-length shows, special events, and ceremonies. All programming on PEG Channel 21 must be noncommercial (NC General Statues – Chapter 66 Article 42). PEG organizations/individuals may present video material to the Studio Manager, who has full authority to review and edit all film footage before airing on Channel 21. All obscenity will be edited from the footage before broadcasting.

Stanly County’s Public, Educational and Governmental (PEG) Channel 21 Usage Contract

(October 8, 2018)

Stanly Community College (SCC) and __________ (individual/organization/institution) agree on _____ (date) to provide access to Stanly County’s PEG Channel 21 according to the terms below. It is the intent of the College not to compete with local studios and/or videographers but to serve the PEG channel needs of Stanly County. Therefore, first consideration is whether the requested usage can be construed as competition.

Please check all that apply to the request:

Is the usage intended to:

  1. serve local governmental branches/agencies?
  2. provide educational programming?
    1. Private
    2. Public
    3. For-Profit
  3. engage public awareness?
    1. Private
    2. Public
    3. For-Profit
    4. Non-Profit
  4. enhance economic development by training the workforce?
  5. seek access for other means?
    1. Please list what those means are:  ___________________________________

Please check all requested services:

  1. Scripting                                                         $ 50/hr                 (Preferred times and days- ___________)
  2. Studio Video Recording                                 $ 80/hr                 (Preferred times and days- ___________)
  3. On Location Video Recording                       $100/hr                 (Preferred times and days- ___________)
  4. Editing                                                            $ 60/hr                (Location-  ________________________)
  5. Review Existing                                              $ 20/hr                 (Location-  ________________________)
  6. Broadcast Primetime (8pm-11pm)                 $ 60/airing            (Preferred times and days- ___________)
  7. Broadcast off hours (Midnight-8am)              $ 20/airing            (Preferred times and days- ___________)
  8. Broadcast (8am-7pm)                                    $ 40/airing           (Preferred times and days- ___________)

Studio fees are waived for all local governmental and public educational programming. The fee schedule applies to non-public educational institutions and the general public.

I agree to abide by the SCC PEG Channel 21 Usage Rule and shall pay any invoices for the requested services within thirty (30) days.  I agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless SCC, its Trustees, employees, and students from and against any and all losses, claims, damages, liabilities, or amounts paid in settlement of pending or threatened litigation which arise out of or are based upon the content of programming being furnished or produced by me, including, without limitation, an assertion of defamation, copyright or other intellectual property infringement, or other rights or privacy, and shall reimburse SCC, its Trustees, employees, and/or students for any legal and/or other expenses incurred by them in connection with any such claims or actions. I understand that if any information that I have provided is false, then I may lose privileges for access to the PEG Channel 21 studio or broadcast.



Requested Signatures:           _______________________________      _________ 

                                                    (Individual/Organization/Institution)             (Date)     



______________________________    _________            _________________________________       _________

(Studio Manager)                                     (Date)                    (VP of Strategic Planning & Compliance)        (Date)   

________________________________  _______                                

(VP of Administrative Services/CFO)                (Date)


Revision: 10-22-2018