Placement Testing Rule

Approved By Date
Executive Leadership Team 09-18-2023
ICORE 09-13-2023

General Placement Testing Rules

Applicants to the college will be evaluated and placed into gateway English and Math courses according to the NCCCS recommendations. Applicants who have graduated from a US high school who have successfully completed Math 2, or its equivalent, and have a valid high school GPA will be placed into gateway college courses if applicable using their unweighted high school GPA.

Applicants who are eligible to take the Placement Test

  • Applicants who earned their High School Equivalency or GED and did not meet the college readiness measures
  • Applicants who graduated from a Non-US High School
  • Applicants who do not have a valid high school GPA
  • Applicants who graduated more than 10 years prior to enrollment

Applicants who are not eligible to take the Placement Test:

  • Applicants who have graduated from a US high school with a valid high school GPA within the last 10 years
  • Applicants who did not successfully complete Math 2, or its equivalent, while in high school
  • Applicants who have earned developmental course credit
  • Applicants who have successfully completed a college-level English or Math course
  • Applicants who have earned an Associate or Bachelor’s degree from an institution from which the college currently accepts credit
  • Applicants who earned their High School Equivalency or GED and met the college readiness measures

Guidelines for course placement may be found on the college website on the page “Resources for Course Placement”.

On-Campus Placement Testing

Students may complete placement testing offered through the on-campus Testing Center.  Placement testing is available by appointment only.  The Testing Center adheres strictly to appointment times to provide a distraction-reduced testing environment for students currently testing.

Placement Testing for Students at a Distance

Students who cannot complete the placement test on campus will need to work with the SCC Testing Center to complete the placement test at another authorized test center.

Placement Test Results Transfer

Stanly Community College will only accept transferred testing results in a sealed envelope or via electronic transmission (facsimile or e-mail) from the testing site at which the student completed the placement test. Only approved placement tests taken within 10 years will be used to determine college readiness.

Placement Testing Costs or Fees

Current students at SCC may take the placement test for free.  Students completing the placement test to attend another North Carolina Community College must pay a $20 fee prior to test administration.


Students may retest only once using the Placement Test. It is recommended that students complete remediation prior to retesting. If the student is already enrolled in pre-college level studies at the time he or she retests and if the scores on the retest place him or her out of pre-college level, the student will follow the college’s standard withdrawal and refund procedures for tuition and books if he or she chooses to exit the pre-college level course.

Placement Testing for Individuals with Disabilities

Individuals with disabilities may request reasonable accommodation for placement testing. Official documentation verifying the disability and the need for reasonable accommodation must be submitted to the Director of Counseling and Special Services at least two weeks prior to testing appointment. Accommodations include but are not limited to extended test time, paper and pencil version testing (if available), and/or testing using audio or visual enhancing software.


 Revisions: 10/14/2015 (Placement Testing Rule, Testing Center Rule), 10/22/2018, 02/22/2021, 03/14/2022