Employee Award Rule

Approved By Date
Executive Leadership Team 10-18-2021
ICORE 09-23-2021

Stanly Community College is committed to excellence and places strategic importance on employee success. Faculty, adjunct faculty, and staff are recognized annually by their peers for dedication and skill in the profession, outstanding leadership, excellence in performance, and commitment to the community college mission. Employee awards are made by the President of the College following consultation with Faculty Senate and Staff Council.


  1. Faculty Senate will facilitate the selections for the Faculty of the Year and Adjunct Faculty of the Year awards. Staff Council will facilitate the selection for the Staff of the Year award.
  2. The process for selecting candidates will be consistent across awards.


  1. The timing of selections should ensure that candidate names can be submitted to the President before the end of the Spring term.
  2. Faculty Senate and Staff Council will advertise to all college employees for nominations. Faculty may nominate staff, and staff may nominate faculty.
  3. Nominations may be made anonymously. Only one nomination will be counted for each individual who is nominated. Nomination summaries will be limited to 150 words.
  4. Voting for all awards will be open to all employees. Faculty members are invited to vote for staff awards, and staff are invited to vote for faculty awards.
  5. Voting will be conducted by anonymous survey facilitated by the office of Institutional Effectiveness. Nominees will be listed in the survey alphabetically by last name. Supporting materials for the nominations will be summarized for the respective awards by Faculty Senate and Staff Council. The nominees’ names and the summaries will be provided to all employees for review so that they make informed selections.
  6. In the event of tied votes, the candidate(s) will be selected based on the majority of votes by their respective faculty or staff peers.  For example, a tied vote between two staff members would be decided by the higher number of votes cast by staff rather than faculty.
  7. Following the tally of votes, the president of Faculty Senate and chair of Staff Council will submit to the President the top three candidates receiving the most votes for each award. The submissions will include the names, employee category, voting rank, and the summary materials.

      3. The President has he final discretion to approve the selections by Faculty Senate and Staff Council. The President will coordinate with Human Resources, and use his/her     discretion to approve the final selections.

     4. Awards will be announced at Convocation at the beginning of the Fall term.