Change of Name, Address, and Directory Information Rule

Approved By Date
Executive Leadership Team 11-27-2023
ICORE 11-08-2023

Students are responsible for notifying the Student Records Office of all official name and address changes as well as changes to other directory information.

Students may also request to change their first name that is displayed in Canvas.  It is at the discretion of Stanly Community College to fulfill Canvas display name requests. Stanly Community College will make reasonable efforts to respect the choice of a student but makes no guarantees that employees will not use a student’s official name listed in Colleague, Self-Service, or other student information system instead of the requested display name in Canvas.

All student records are held confidential by the institution with the exception of directory information (see Student Records and Privacy Rights Policy for a list of information considered to be directory information).

Students must complete an Information Change Form when requesting changes to name (official or display in Canvas), address, and directory information. Students should obtain an Information Change Form from the Eagle's One Stop or online at

Students may request the following information to be updated using the Information Change Form:

  • Name Change (official) – A copy of the student’s Social Security Card with the name change indicated must be provided.
  • Canvas Display Name (first name only)
  • Address Change
  • County of Residency
  • Phone Number Change
  • Social Security Number Change – A copy of the student’s Social Security Card must be provided.
  • Date of Birth Change – A copy of the student’s drivers’ license or other government issued ID showing date of birth must be provided.
  • Email Address Change
  • Emergency Contact Change

Students will be notified of the request status via their student email provided on the Information Change Form or in the student information system.



NC Gen. Stat. §114A (Parents’ Bill of Rights)

NC Gen. Stat. §115C-76.1, et seq. (as included in 2023 Senate Bill 49)

SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation

  • Core Requirement 12.1 (Student support services)
  • Standard 12.3 (Student rights)
  • Standard 12.5 (Student records)