Student Screening Requirements Policy

Approved By Date
Board of Trustees 02-20-2014
Executive Leadership Team 12-19-2013
ICORE 12-18-2013

Facilities that serve as student clinical/practicum sites have enacted requirements that ensure that students and faculty who enter their facilities meet the same qualifications as any potential hires.  Students must comply with Criminal Background Checks (CBC), Office of the Inspector General Reviews (OIG), and Drug Testing in such curriculum programs as have clinical or internship placements at facilities where these screenings are required.  Accordingly, completion of the CBC, OIG Review, and submission of a negative Twelve Panel Urine Drug Screen report from a National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) approved laboratory is required prior to the first assignment/student experience at any requiring health facility partner.

Student Screening Requirements Procedures

Approved By Date
Executive Leadership Team 10-26-2020
ICORE 10-21-2020
  1. Once accepted to a program of study, the student will receive written instructions that define the screenings and detail how to complete the above requirements.
  2. The process will be carried out with a facility partner approved company.
  3. Results are verified and sent directly by the company to the contact person at the clinical/practicum facility for review no less than 10 days prior to the scheduled arrival of the student.
  4. The clinical/practicum facility will notify the program head of student(s) with any findings that would preclude the assignment of the student in their setting.
  5. The program head will confirm the manner of the review with the facility to ensure that no error was made.  SCC faculty or staff will at no time be privy to the actual summary of results for the CBC, OIG Review, or Drug Screen.
  6. If a criminal charge or conviction occurs while the student is enrolled and is assigned to requiring agency, the student will be immediately removed from the placement until a review is conducted. The final decision will rest with the clinical agency as to any possibility of reinstatement at the site.  Students will be responsible for reporting any changes in eligibility during the clinical rotation to the facility and to the SCC program head.
  7. Should a student be barred from completing clinical/practicum assignments with partnering agencies, SCC will not be able to ensure the completion of program requirements and graduation competencies.  Inability of a student to complete program requirements and graduation competencies will result in suspension from the program.
  8. Any student suspended from a SCC program can avail themselves of the standard SCC processes for appeal, grievance, and/or readmission.


Revision: 12/19/2013 (procedures)