Conflict of Interest Policy

Approved By Date
Board of Trustees 02-20-2014
Executive Leadership Team 12-02-2013
ICORE 11-26-2013

As per General Statute 14-234 and the Community College Laws of North Carolina 115D-26, members of the Board of Trustees and SCC employees are prohibited from acting as an agent, either directly or indirectly, for those furnishing goods or services to any State agency, school, or institution.


Conflict of Interest Procedures

Approved By Date
Executive Leadership Team 11-27-2023
ICORE 11-14-2023
  1. The trustees shall comply with the requirements of the State Government Ethics Act.
  2. Every reasonable effort shall be made to avoid SCC making purchases from or through trustees and college employees.
  3. The purchasing power of the State and SCC shall not be used for private advantage of any trustee or employee.
  4. No trustee or college employee shall directly or indirectly act as an agent for any supplier of goods or services to Stanly Community College.
  5. No trustee or college employee shall accept or solicit any gift that could reasonably be construed to influence him or her in recommending or procuring goods or services for SCC.
  6. Should SCC become aware of a conflict of interest of a trustee or college employee in any procurement of goods or services, action shall be taken immediately to cease such procurement.
  7. Any employee determined to have violated the conflict of interest policy may be subject to disciplinary action according to the Progressive Disciplinary Policy. Furthermore, such violation may result in termination of employment and/or notification to the State Auditor that a violation of the conflict of interest statue has occurred.
  8. A violation of the conflict of interest policy by a trustee will be forwarded to the State Auditor.
  9. Each year during contract renewal, the President, Vice-Presidents, and all regular employees shall complete an Annual Reporting of Secondary Employment, Self-Employment and Affiliations form.  These forms will be signed by the appropriate Vice-President or the President and maintained in a share file accessible to Human Resources and Purchasing.  Each newly hired employee will complete a Conflict of Interest form as a part of their new hire paperwork process.
  10. Upon conviction of a violation of general statutes governing conflict of interest, a trustee or college employee shall be deemed guilty of a Class I Misdemeanor.


Revised: 12/02/2013, 11/30/2020 (procedures)